WestWorld - We've come to free your minds

         This was a band I joined about 2 years (I think) after Imminent Attack was formed. By that time I had decided I needed a change and wanted to play bass again. The band consisted of Thomas Lockyear (also now known as Thomas Thorn of Electric Hellfire Club fame), the infamous Skippy Dread, myself, and a guy that I can't even remember the name of. (we called him mello Mike) We were very political and somewhat preachy and sounded sort of in the Minor Threat type hardcore vein. No real recordings were released which is a shame. Here are some relic photos from that time. Thanks to Murray for getting these from Jennifer... We also reformed a few years later as Westworld 2 with a bit more of a Joy Division sound. I played electro drums, Thomas singing, David Dettloff on keyboard and Marie playing bass. This was very short lived.


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